Welcome to iconicreserve.art - the home of distinctive artworks by the talented Scottish artist James Taylor. Words by Doug Wood.


James Taylor has worked as a commercial artist for many years. He creates beautiful and intricate digital impressions for some of the world's most iconic brands whilst surreptitiously producing images for his own and the public's enjoyment.

To James, the 'texture' of the art is as crucially important as the art itself and contributes to the ownership experience, with each limited edition piece being signed by the artist himself.

The way that James works to produce the end result can take many forms and usually involves various mediums. But typically, the initial concept will be a simple line drawing on whatever is to hand - a note pad, a beer mat or a even a food-stained napkin. Once the concept is approved, a more intricate version will be drafted by hand before the third stage: digital manipulation. But even this may not be the end of the process for James. For example, if the image in question is of a particular building, he may decide to carry out further research on its history or architecture. And if that throws up different or better artistic ideas, he may decide to incorporate them into the finished work. Or he may decide to reject the initial concept altogether and start again.

James believes that photography is incredibly meaningful for referencing subtle, and at times, overlooked details in structure or forms. Indeed, many site visits are often required before hidden 'secrets' such as the faint art deco banknote-like lines in the stunning Dartford Cinema image become apparent under certain light conditions.

James's printed editions are recorded on Hahnemuhle paper via a large format mimeograph and generally referred to as Giclée prints of premium quality. The paper - white 100% a-cellulose - guarantees archival standards and features a distinct textured surface.

With its premium matt inkjet coating, German Etching meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness, while preserving that oh-so-special touch and feel of genuine art paper. Each edition is then mounted and encased in a frame.

James's work is regularly on view at the 'What If Gallery' in Dartford, Kent and The Douglas Hotel on The Isle of Arran. He has also exhibited at pop exhibitions in Scotland, Sardinia, London and Monte Carlo.